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As a collector myself, I’ve always searched for the best way to display my collection. There are a small handful of options out there, but nothing ever quite grabbed me. So, I decided to build a better mousetrap!  These displays are custom made to fit your individual needs.  You can get a mount to display one book or design it to display twenty-one books.  The mounts are made from solid oak, are pre-drilled, include all hardware, and are offered raw or in a variety of stained colors.  I designed these mounts to not only be an attractive way to display your books, but to also help keep them safe.  They are much easier to install than other mounts I’ve bought and you don’t have to worry about lining up each book.  I truly believe that these mounts are one of the best ways to display some of your most prized possessions and that is the type of care that goes into making each and every mount we sell!

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Mount Installation How-To